Hi! I am Amy Sedlacek, and I am an essential oil infused mindset and transformation coach for expat women 40 +.  

I am also living proof that you can survive letting go of all that baggage that you have accumulated over the years and become a better version of yourself. The key is,  you must willing to let go of everything that is holding back, and do the courageous inner work necessary to make a change. 

When I moved to Paris, I thought life was going to be all about champagne and caviar. But was I wrong ! Instead, I found myself feeling very much alone, lost and confused. The life I envisioned, was not the life I was living. I became discouraged and depressed. I slowly realized that all the layers of my life played a role in my well being and contributed to my overall well being physically, emotionally, and energetically. 

Once I begin to address my healing in a holistic way, that I began to see the patterns that were contributing to my unhappiness, depression, self-worth, and illness. I realized I had to let go of the "old" and embrace the "new", by releasing subconscious blocks and old thought patterns, that my life began to change. I rediscovered who I really was, and rebuilt my life. This time from the inside out! 

My passion is about transformation and well being, and supporting you in becoming a better you. So, I created "The Creation of You"... to empower expat women 40 + to transform their life from the inside out. I will help you to strengthen your emotional resilience, self-awareness, self-compassion, and most of all, self-love. 

This is why I created "The Creation of  You".  I empower expat women to transform their lives from the inside out. 

When I am not cheering you on to be the best you can be, you can find me sipping champagne near the Eiffel Tower, eating empanadas with friends, trying new recipes, traveling to visit my family, reading personal development books, or exploring new exotic locations. For me, life is about food, fun, family, and friends!  After all, life is too short to be anything other than happy!

And...I am also stepping out of my comfort zone by writing my first book. Wish me luck ! 

I look forward to working with you . . . . 

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Are you ready to be empowered? I am happy to answer your questions and discuss more about how I can help you. Whatever your needs or struggles, I am available in person (depending on your location), via phone or Skype. No matter where you are in the world, I am here to support you.