Mindset and Transformation Coaching 

personalized for the Expat Woman

Living abroad can be very exciting but let's face it, it can also be a cause of anxiety, stress and homesickness. 

I am guessing you are here because something in your life is not working. 

Are you struggling to find a sense of "home" in your new location ? 

Is the life you envisioned, not the life you are living ? 

Do you feel like you have a front row seat to watching life happen for everybody else ?

Are you left feeling exhausted and overwhelmed, while wondering, is this all there is ?

The aim of mindset and transformation coaching is help you leap into a new life full of passion and purpose. During our sessions we will:

  • Discover how moving impacted your identity
  • Discover how to stay connected with your "True Self" while living abroad
  • Discover how your emotions may be affecting your well being
  • Discover how your family history is affecting your happiness
  • Get back the sense of direction in your "new" life
  • Discover that living abroad can be a unique opportunity for personal growth

You will be empowered to leap into your new life with more emotional resilience, self-awareness, self-compassion, and most of all, self-love.